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60 Mile Day over Alpine Road

Today, for Easter, I did a 58 mile ride that took me to Half Moon Bay, San Gregorio, and over Alpine Road, into Palo Alto and Los Altos. This was my first time on Alpine road, and I was skeptical about it being a more difficult climb than Tunitas Creek. And even though half way through the ride, I was convinced that the climb is not steeper than the steepest parts of Tunitas Creek, I will now give the climb its credit and say it is a harder climb!

I am not sure if my training is not up to pair yet, or poor nitrition while on the bike, but at the end of the ride I suffered sever cramps, in all muscles in my legs.

Still, I would do it again! Alpine Road is a beautiful climb with great views, much better than Tunitas Creek, which covered with trees the whole way.

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