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Ostrander V7: Day #4 - Binding Failure

Today was our 4th day here at the hut. After a lazy day yesterday of
hitting "The Nose" once, we headed out early to catch some good spring
corn on the south slopes of horse ridge.

The early morning snow was crusty and difficult climbing, constantly
twisting the ski downhill. This is the 7TM Power Tours started to
fail. The first failure was the riser notches holding the riser in
place going bad, which resulted in them suddenly slipping out of place
to no rise while steeply climbing. I would hazard this is likely
something that a true back country binding should not do after the
second major back country trip. And really annoying when it occurs 10
miles from the nearest road.

Regardless we caught 2 runs descending 750 feet or so I. It was Great
spring corn through the widely spaced trees. Worth every inch of

On the final run we headed back to the Nose, when the second failure
happened. This time the critical screw for the pivot point while
touring came unscrewed, lost I'm the snow, and resulting in a binding
that almost fell apart right in front of me on the mountain. Again,
not a good thing to happen to your binding 10 miles from the trail head!

What this means is that I will need to head home with the turning mode
on, spending more energy than required. A real bummer an maybe a
reason. To consider changing bindings.

Tomorrow we head out. 10 miles, 5 hours to the car. It has been
another great trip and the food was the best we had yet! Looking
forward already to next year........

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