This site was created as a journal about adventure in the mountains, on the bike, in the ocean and enjoying the great outdoors. From time to time I will post these experiences so others may learn more about them and hopefully enjoy them as well.

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Good Snow...

Today was a great day at Kirkwood. It seams the higher elevation has resulted in a colder temperature, and the result.... Wel almost as close as you can get to great fress POW.

OK so it is not the deep stuff, as the wind and time has consolidated the base, but the snow is this greaqt chalky soft stuff.

And there is evidence that the lifties at Kirkwood have gotten some benefit from the economic stimulus package, and this may mean their pot budget is increasing. Today a friend of mine had to rent skies. When she got to the top of the mountain, she was puzzled, why one sky was significantly ahead of the other no matter what. Turns out the rental department gave her two different length skis! Makes you wonder if somewhere on the mountain had the same problem, just with a different ski!?!

Looking forward to tomorrow.


Storms Coming To A Kirkwood Theater Near You!

DAY# 033:

Well this past set of storms dropped another load, bringing the season total to around 250-300". This still leaves us with a way to go to hit the average, but perhaps it is in sight.

This past weekend was another good weekend, with Saturday still having good pockets of fresh snow to be found around the resort. Sunday brought warmer weather to the hill, which in turn brought HEAVY snow to the mountain.

And it is looking good for the coming weekend, and even afterwards!


When Kirkwood is on wind hold, what should you do?

Go Bowling!

Lake tahoe bowl is a great standby when the lifts at Kirkwood are on
wind hold. The place is fun, well priced, and the food and beer are

We took the whole gang down to Tahoe Bowl after it was obvious they
would not be starting the lifts at Kirkwood. It was hard as there was
probably 1-2 feet of new snow on top of the epic deep powder we has
just skied the day before. But Kirkwood was telling people not to
come down, and it was starting to feel like last year, when wind hold
was a regular thing. So off to the bowling alley we went. It was a
great time watching Mr. A roll a 213!



DAY# 030

Well this storm has dropped between 75-100" of snow at Kirkwood, and the day was truly an epic day. This was a needed storm and there are still a bunch of rocks around the mountain, but not as many as a few weeks ago.

To date Kirkwood has gotten 220-250" or about half the season total. So far it looks like a thin year, but better than last year, which is good.

The storms have all been cold, so the powder is light and deep. The backside, once it was open was consistently three feet of light powder on top of older stuff. A great place to hang out. Lets hope the storms keep coming in.


A DATE with the Mountaineer's Route!

Well, I found out recently that I won a lottery bid for a permit to go up the mountaineer's route on mount Whitney! This is very exciting, as I may, once and for all, be able to tick of one of my life lists of out door achievements.

So to start preparing for the task, I have been hitting the gym. Whitney will crush you. I have made one other attempt, and was in good shape, but the rest of the crowd I went with did not train and they prevented a summit. This week I hit a new milestone burning 857 calories in one hour of my stationary bike time trial, so hopefully I am on my way.

I have also started a page about this trip on my website. Go check it out!


2009 Resolutions...

So it is probably a little to late to put the resolutions in writing but, I figured that before I get to far into the year, I might as well. I have already stated my first resolution, so here are the others.....

2. Finally knock off one of my life list outdoors goals (Mt. Shasta, Mt. Whitney, etc... more later)

3. Ride more miles than last year, hopefully by a couple hundred (only done 25 miles so far!).

4. Ride a century....

So lets see how we do.....