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Bub's Pub At Kirkwood

DAY# 28

So the last few days at Kirkwood have been really hard. The snow is
rather icy, but not quite to the point of what I would call East Coast
Boiler Plate. No, no this is what we call a packed powder surface!

What this really means is ice under about 1/2 of chopped up ice from
the groomer. Not so much fun if your edges are not fresh. Real fun
if you had them sharpened and have racing technique.

For lunch we decided to give Bub's Pub a shot, and the $23 bill got us
a great plate of nachos and fries for three people, along with a
soda. I can't say the service was great, it sucked, but it was better
than fighting it out at Monte Wolf's with the table campers and
getting your own food.

I am willing to chalk up the service as an anomoly due to the
playoff's and will definately be giving them another shot. In fact we
may have found our new lunch spot!!!

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