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829 Calories Per Hour Burned

So I am trying to be a little better and more organized about a work out and training scheme. Mostly due to one of my resolutions about to be posted soon. As part of this, I have realized I need to start tracking metrics a little better to map progress.

So most weeks, I sit on a bike and see how much energy I can output in a 1-hour push. Typically I do this by a process of constantly increasing the resistance/slope threshold every 3 minutes until I can no longer make the next increase, then decrease resistance back to a base level, rest then do it again. As I improve, my max resistance should go up, max sustained wattage, and of course total calories per hour.

This weeks benchmark was 829 calories in one hour. I think I used to be able to hit close to 950 or so, lets see what happens.....

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