This site was created as a journal about adventure in the mountains, on the bike, in the ocean and enjoying the great outdoors. From time to time I will post these experiences so others may learn more about them and hopefully enjoy them as well.

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DAY# 025

MILE# 0957

Even several days after the new dump the snow is great off the wall at Kirkwood. We are noticing that the new economy must have effected the pot budget for the lifties as they are actually courteous, checking tickets, pulling lifts, or in in general doing their job. It is quite nice actually.

One thing we are all wondering is how good the new surface lifts will actually be when they get enough snow to use them? To the naked eye, each of them looks like they could have gone just a little further to be a LOT better, but the real test will be how much terrain and access will they truly provide? They do look promising in the end, and th4e type of access they will provide was the stuff you used to hike to to get the fresh un-tracked...


The Day After - Kirkwood

Here we are enjoying kirkwood and the 15 feet of new snow on the
mountain. The new alpine set up feels great after 15 years onsome
other form of board. Love the Santiago Scott Mission skis!


Turkey Roll!

Day # 019
Mile # 900

A GREAT turkey day ride from redwood city to the Santa Cruz Mountains!

This was an epic ride, and probably the steepest hill I have ever climbed in my life. AND I am within 100 miles of my goal, sort of (actually I am well over the annual goal of 1,000 miles).

The ride up Stevens Creek was probably one of the nicest rolls I have had on two wheels, but then came the hell part of this ride. The UP UP UP redwood gulch, which very well may climb 1,500 feet in 1.5 miles or so. I thought I was gonna puke rolling along at 4.5 miles an hour, and the slightly less steep highway 9 was a welcome sight, as it meant only 2.7 miles to the top.

But the top, at mile 28.5 of the ride meant that I had 21 miles DOWNHILL in front of me, which I covered in about 50 minutes.

Highly recomend the ride up stevens creek to redwood gulch to highway 9.