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Twisted Ankle

Mile #0402
Day #019

A few weeks ago I was at a friends birthday party and while stepping off the deck I twisted my ankle. It rolled over far enough to hear a popping sound. Previously I was inside preparing myself a nice steak burger that I was really looking forward to. And Butter, our dog, was also smacking her lips hoping that she would be the benefactor of a full stomach that could not finish the meal.

She was following me down the steps and when I stepped of the deck, twisted to the ground and dropped the plate, she managed to eat the steak burger before it ever hit the ground. It looks like all that time catching tennis balls has paid off.

Regardless, the injury has laid me off the cycle for a while, but today I managed 42 miles along the coast in hot weather. The sea breeze kept the tempurature for me down quite nicely, and once I finally turned towards the east and home, I could feel the tempurature rise as I headed down hill.

42 miles, through the hills at 17.25 mph. Not bad, and even a little faster than normal.

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