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Ostrander V6 Release Coming...

So tomorrow is the big day, the drive up to Yosemite followed by the annual pilgrimage to the Ostrander Ski hut. I am not sure this year I am as prepared as I have been in the past, but ready or not here I come. This will be the 6th year the same group of friends have made it to the hut and it feels good to have an annual tradition that just can't be broken, no matter how loud or obnoxious George is, how hung over (aka "sick") Craig gets, how lost Dan gets or how grumpy I am.

Every year has been full of anctics and this year sounds like it is shaping up to be another great one. Maybe we will actually do that slide show we have promised in the past.

Still need to get a few things though:
Battery for watch (oops)
Asparagus (sorry Dan)
Port Wine

Hoping to get out of town early, but no promise it will actually happen.

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