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New Years Eve At Divided Sky

Divided Sky is a great little bar in Meyers, California. It looks like the place is the renovated attic of a out of work college kid who had a dream to convert grandma's attic into a money making venture. The bar fills half the room, and the place is dark with a red glow of christmas tree lights. The crowd is a mix of almost every fringe fad culture you can imagine. In other words, the place is great for all of us who are seeking to escape from the college frat boy white hat posse crowd....

Officially the sign says it can hold 80 people, so we were happy to get ticket number 65-69 to the New Years Eve show by Radio, a bay area beat box rapper. the beats and tones he was able to lay down with just his voice, a sampler and repeater was quite amazing. The drinks were not expensive (bought 7 drinks, non of them beer for $30), and the atmosphere rocked.

The walk home to our ski cabin was fun as we made the 1.1 miles in 20 minutes singing carols at the top of our lungs, and waking everyone who was asleep. A few hours later two of our cabin mates, stumbled in, after being stopped by the police twice (why police were trying to pull people over who are WALKING home intoxicated, I do not know). The best part is they would not offer them a ride in the cold, and they forgot that the car keys in their pockets, would have given them access to their warm jackets for the walk. But at least they walked....

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