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DAY #001

Day 001 - BC 73

The first day on snow.

Looking up at Kirkwood, it feels like the day is going to be a disappointment. The snow that is supposed to be covering the mountain is all contained in a few strips of white. There are rocks, and cliffs that I have never seen before.

As I say goodbye to Butter (our dog) and shut the hatch of the trunk, she sits and looks at me walking away. I am thinking I will be back in just a few runs.

But as it turns out, once the legs get on the snow, the urge for just one more run hits. We run into some of our cabin mates and enjoy an hours or so hitting the same run over and over and over. Even though the slopes are a little bit boiler plate, and washed out, it is still snow. It is still a great day.

And the best part of the day is the chair lift ride with Katie, and her smile.

There is a storm coming in this week and it is supposed to dump big time. Possibly up to 40" of snow. Lets just wait and see......

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