This site was created as a journal about adventure in the mountains, on the bike, in the ocean and enjoying the great outdoors. From time to time I will post these experiences so others may learn more about them and hopefully enjoy them as well.

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Days 4 Through 7 - New Set Up

D # 007

Just wrapped up my 7th day on snow for the year, and the third on my new set of Tele skis and bindings.

Kirkwood got about 15 inches of snow, and the new skis were great. I highly recomend any ski out there that has been designed by Paul Parker. The G3 Rapid Transit skis have snap like a slalom ski and for the first time I fealt like I was on an alpine equivilant slalon swing. The bindings also do a much better job of getting in and out. The conditions were mixed powder, slightly packed but the skis had a lot of bounce.

Looking forward to a whole new season on these.


DAY #002 - Kirkwood Gets 1st Storm

So yesterday was D-002.

Kirkwood recently got about 40" average across the mountain, and it really improved things from last week. As luck would have it, the weather has stayed rather cold and preserved the snow for the weekend, even if it was a little wind packed.

The mountains still need more. Kirkwood has between 60-80" snow for the season, but in areas it looks like the snow on the slopes is more like 18".

OBSTACLES: The snow phone warns us of "obstacles" a new euphemism for boulders, rocks, cliffs, tree branches or any other myriad of natural items that most people who come here are used to being completely covered by the snow. But this year is a really slow start for the mountain, and the recent snow has turned what was obviously a scary and intimidating terrain visible last week, to one that is now disguised by a thin layer of snow. But if you venture of the groomed runs, it is a matter of time before your base encounters these "obstacles" or even worse, your body. Nearly every one in our cabin had a run in with them yesterday, and the bruises, cuts, damaged skis all have badges.

We are all hoping for the next big storm which looks like it will finally put enough snow on the mountain for minimal coverage to be truly enjoyed.

But the second day of the season on wind packed powder has had its toll on the legs and knees and I am now sore and about to get ready to head out into another day on the slopes.

Anyways off to the slopes, and then a few last minute christmass items to be purchased......



Day 001.b - BC 072

Still one day under foot. Hopefully this will change soon.

But there is a new set of boards in my arsenal as of yesterday. I just got a pair of G3 Raid Transit with 7TM Power Tour bindings. The set up I have been dreaming of for the past year. This si the set up for the back country and resorts.

More to follow...

So things are looking up. Christmas has come early this year, and I cannot wait for the snow to fly and to test out these new sticks.....


DAY #001

Day 001 - BC 73

The first day on snow.

Looking up at Kirkwood, it feels like the day is going to be a disappointment. The snow that is supposed to be covering the mountain is all contained in a few strips of white. There are rocks, and cliffs that I have never seen before.

As I say goodbye to Butter (our dog) and shut the hatch of the trunk, she sits and looks at me walking away. I am thinking I will be back in just a few runs.

But as it turns out, once the legs get on the snow, the urge for just one more run hits. We run into some of our cabin mates and enjoy an hours or so hitting the same run over and over and over. Even though the slopes are a little bit boiler plate, and washed out, it is still snow. It is still a great day.

And the best part of the day is the chair lift ride with Katie, and her smile.

There is a storm coming in this week and it is supposed to dump big time. Possibly up to 40" of snow. Lets just wait and see......


First Dusk

Day 000-BC-75

First entry into this blog.

Tomorrow will be the first day of the '07/'08 ski season and we are heading up to Lake Tahoe to open our ski cabin. So far the season is light. But the bags are packed and off we will go in the morning for day one.

A note about the date stamp: Day 000 refers to the number of days skied since starting this blog, BC-75 refers to the number of days until the project of my dreams goes out to bid, and hopefully starts construction.